donderdag 18 december 2008

Covering new ground in Europe, one big adventure, starring: dickfaces.

We will go to play shows in Europa, tees gamen doen:

friday 3rd Osnabruck, Germany
saterday 4th Copenhagen, Denmark
sunday 5th Gothenbrug, Sweden
monday 6th Malmo, Sweden
tuesday 7th Kiel Germany

thank you nasty

zondag 30 november 2008

Vogue's going digital

We're in the proces of making a cd, this will give us major exposure around the globe, our intention with this band.
Following recordings will be featured:
  • Demo (studio 195)
  • 'Not responsible for causing trends' 7"
  • 'No Vogue' 7"
  • 'Dickfaced' LP

This record will be released and distributed by HOLY SHIT! records.

I heared Yves Leterme has a cock with a slight deviation to the right, because he jacked off too much during the debates concerning financial shit, that turns him on.


woensdag 22 oktober 2008


'Cocks Like Squirels'

vrijdag 10 oktober 2008

13th of October

We will play Roeselare together with Black Haven the 13th of October.

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Boens has an announcment!

John Wild asked me to put some of his conditions on the blog. He has put up some rules if you want to book VOGUE.

  1. No money: he will hit you.

  2. No free drinks: he will hit you.

  3. No food: he will hit you.

Thanks for your attention.

dinsdag 23 september 2008

We convinced eastern Europe

Tour was cool, I will not write a report. I heared homeless-bumm-fightstories about us, so that's some funny shit I didn't witness... We met people who look like cocks-like-squirels, beerpeople, Great Brittain-people and last but not least we met den Danny.

This is what we think about tourreports:

Pomp shit up: 3rd and 10th of October in Den Haag en Ghent!

vrijdag 5 september 2008

Blistering chests

We're going on tour starting tomorrow, we're in the mood/excited.

The 17th of September we will be playing area 51: nice.

Thank you joakim, losing streak and pitspeople.

vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

Formal stuff

The full length can be pre-orderd here:, please do so. You can also check a new song there.

We are playing shows again:

Sunday aug 24th 2008 - Ieperfest Belgium
Friday aug 29th 2008 - Kortrijk - Belgium (last Losing Streak show) @ Pit's
Tuesday sept 2th 2008 – Frontline – Ghent – Belgium
Wednesday sept 3th 2008 – De Ketel - Heist-op-den-Berg – Belgium
Saterday sept 6th 2008 – GrĂ¼ters Scheune – Osnabruck – Germany
Sunday sept 7th 2008 – Hafenklang – Hamburg – Germany
Monday sept 8th 2008 – Cortina Bob – Berlin – Germany
Tuesday sept 9th 2008 – Chekov – Cottbus – Germany
Wednesday sept 10th 2008 - Wroclaw - Poland
Thursday sept 11th 2008 – Prague – Czech Republic
Friday sept 12th 2008 - Vienna – Austria
Saterday sept 13th 2008 – Koi Koi club – Kosice – Slovakia
Sunday sept 14th 2008 – Kupblung – Budapest – Hungary
Monday sept 15th 2008 – Obluda club – Bratislava – Slovakia
Tuesday sept 16th 2008 – Juz Mannheim – Mannheim – Germany
Sunday sept 21st 2008 - Tilburg - Holland - ZXZW festival
3rd of october - Den Haag- the Netherlands -'De Vinger'
10th of october - Ghent - Frontline
Somewhere in november we play Sint-Niklaas

Mijn balzak plakt.

dinsdag 22 juli 2008


The full length is recorded and we are pleased. It has cool songs, that we made. Our European is almost booked, that we like. I wonder if animals also have different tastes of music. What would a cat that likes electro look like? A dog that's into R en B?

woensdag 25 juni 2008

'nou ja, ik ben een mongoowl met een mongowlepapier'

We finished our songs for the full length.
We're planning to tour some European countries in September.
The album will drop in August if everything goes as plannend and we don't colaborate with GZvinyl.
The 3rd of September we will play with Shitty Limits in Berchem.
Following shows are cancelled: 5th of July and 27th of June, we do not apoligize, we're uncapable of planning anything.
We should definitly buy a GPS or a city-/roadmap from Antwerp.

zaterdag 14 juni 2008


VOGUE will be playing the ZXZW festival in Tilburg the 21st of September. Other names that played this festival are: Dead stop, Restless Youth, Patrick Delabie,...
We're looking forward to this.

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Next step: a documentary

I found this back, it comes from VICE magazine. We were forced to wear cloths that looked gay, shit happens...

I call this 'studying'

The 23rd of June: NA + vogue at Hof ter Loo, Antwerp

The 27th of June: Vogue at The Pits in Shortrich

The 5th of July: Gewapend Beton + Vogue in Strijen Holland

The 7th, 8th and 9th of July: recording full length at Patrick's

From the 10th till 22nd of July: scoutskamp.

We rehearsed Friday. We recorded demos of the new songs. My parents had a party afterwards, there was champagne and toert, 'very tasty' as Rick James would say.

zondag 1 juni 2008

vrijdag 30 mei 2008

This may seem kind of gay...

I found this picture from Steven. It's from the 9th of May in Didi's kot, it was hot. Check how bodybuilding Joris is, he does not attend the gym, he just fucks a lot... Does anyone notice Jan still wearing all of his cloths, altough he's the most active one during the set and it's more than 35 degrees celcius inside. I figured he must love a sweaty arse. He also eats a lot of meat, he's not a vegetarian. This was my first time playing barechested, I felt comfortable.


That's for stealing 60 copies bitch!

We're going to do a repress of the first VOGUE single. This will be done by Holy Shit! records. There will be made 300 copies. The release is scheduled for the 23th of June on the NA* show. Do not be mistaking, the full length is still happening. Yesterday I made a new riff, today we're gonna make a song out of it and demo the new songs in 'de kelder' so Jan can put his 'ikvinallesvoos'-lyrics on the songs.

If you're not at the NA show, please kill yourself.

Studying P.

*Negative Approach

woensdag 21 mei 2008

Hardcore Idol 2008

The 23th of June we'll be playing Hof ter loo in Antwerp together with NEGATIVE APPROACH.
Other bands playing: Municipal waste, Let down, Reproach.
Come down, my mother will be there.


donderdag 15 mei 2008

We're down with VICE

16th of May will be kind of a special rehearsel. We're testsubjects for this new thing from VICE Belgium called 'Practice Space'. We will be filmed and interviewd by VICE during our rehearsel. It's not shure this will be broadcasted, since they're still in their testperiodblablabla and the program needs to be approaved by the big VICEboss. Once it's out I will post it here. If you're interested in how it will look like, check this site: Fucked up and Brutal Knights also have been featured on this show.

Please do not forget to notice that the 19th of May we will be playing with PISSED JEANS and ADOLF BUTTLER in the almighty Scheld'apen. I think this will be wothwile...

We're still writing for the full length.

"vogue can not be held responsible for causing trends"


woensdag 30 april 2008

"You think you're special? Check this out:"

Influences for the full length are:
-Curtis Mayfield
-Brutal Knights (off course)
-Dead stop
-Fucked Up
-Bill Withers
-Annihilation Time
-Beastie Boys (hello nasty and the mix up)
-Blink 182
-Girl Talk
-Losing Streak

zaterdag 26 april 2008

Stop acting like a little bizznigeon!

We will reprint the VOGUE logo design on white shirts since we need shirts to sell on the 9th and 19th of May to earn some money for prostitution, drugs, booze, playstation 3, expensive clothing, new bedsheets, tickets for the 30th of April and recording. And ow yeah before you mail: no, I will not keep a shirt aside for you.

We rehearsed yesterday, it was cool. Jan sang, I played guitar, Sam played bass and Joris drummed. We played songs and told jokes about tits.

fok joe


dinsdag 15 april 2008

Studio 195

We will be recording our first full length lp at studio 195 the 8th and 9th of July. For all of you doubting, our keyword for this record was: 'pompen'. This record will have guestvocals by following individuals: Larry Edge, the duo HS! (Ramzman and J-nasty), hopefully Patrick himself, Jojo grunts, Sammy melodic punkrockvocals, Lino DS,...

We will be playing not too much shows since this record has our full attention and we are all guys so we're only able to do one thing at a time. If anyone feels the need to be our manager (for serious, please do) contact us since we're slacking on everything, except for partying and writing songs.

Coming shows:
9th of May at Didi's kot with HAVEN and STREAK
19th of May at Scheld'apen with PISSED JEANS
Another newsflash: we sold out of everything, please leave us alone...

Send nudist pictures to Didier Baert and Ramzi Mesaddeck.

Yours untruly,
Pieter Van Oost

donderdag 3 april 2008


We will play together with Pissed Jeans in Antwerp at Scheld'apen.


We will play Nieuwkerken together with our familymembers of almighty Losing Streak.