woensdag 30 april 2008

"You think you're special? Check this out:"

Influences for the full length are:
-Curtis Mayfield
-Brutal Knights (off course)
-Dead stop
-Fucked Up
-Bill Withers
-Annihilation Time
-Beastie Boys (hello nasty and the mix up)
-Blink 182
-Girl Talk
-Losing Streak

zaterdag 26 april 2008

Stop acting like a little bizznigeon!

We will reprint the VOGUE logo design on white shirts since we need shirts to sell on the 9th and 19th of May to earn some money for prostitution, drugs, booze, playstation 3, expensive clothing, new bedsheets, tickets for the 30th of April and recording. And ow yeah before you mail: no, I will not keep a shirt aside for you.

We rehearsed yesterday, it was cool. Jan sang, I played guitar, Sam played bass and Joris drummed. We played songs and told jokes about tits.

fok joe


dinsdag 15 april 2008

Studio 195

We will be recording our first full length lp at studio 195 the 8th and 9th of July. For all of you doubting, our keyword for this record was: 'pompen'. This record will have guestvocals by following individuals: Larry Edge, the duo HS! (Ramzman and J-nasty), hopefully Patrick himself, Jojo grunts, Sammy melodic punkrockvocals, Lino DS,...

We will be playing not too much shows since this record has our full attention and we are all guys so we're only able to do one thing at a time. If anyone feels the need to be our manager (for serious, please do) contact us since we're slacking on everything, except for partying and writing songs.

Coming shows:
9th of May at Didi's kot with HAVEN and STREAK
19th of May at Scheld'apen with PISSED JEANS
Another newsflash: we sold out of everything, please leave us alone...

Send nudist pictures to Didier Baert and Ramzi Mesaddeck.

Yours untruly,
Pieter Van Oost

donderdag 3 april 2008


We will play together with Pissed Jeans in Antwerp at Scheld'apen.


We will play Nieuwkerken together with our familymembers of almighty Losing Streak.