vrijdag 30 mei 2008

This may seem kind of gay...

I found this picture from Steven. It's from the 9th of May in Didi's kot, it was hot. Check how bodybuilding Joris is, he does not attend the gym, he just fucks a lot... Does anyone notice Jan still wearing all of his cloths, altough he's the most active one during the set and it's more than 35 degrees celcius inside. I figured he must love a sweaty arse. He also eats a lot of meat, he's not a vegetarian. This was my first time playing barechested, I felt comfortable.


That's for stealing 60 copies bitch!

We're going to do a repress of the first VOGUE single. This will be done by Holy Shit! records. There will be made 300 copies. The release is scheduled for the 23th of June on the NA* show. Do not be mistaking, the full length is still happening. Yesterday I made a new riff, today we're gonna make a song out of it and demo the new songs in 'de kelder' so Jan can put his 'ikvinallesvoos'-lyrics on the songs.

If you're not at the NA show, please kill yourself.

Studying P.

*Negative Approach

woensdag 21 mei 2008

Hardcore Idol 2008

The 23th of June we'll be playing Hof ter loo in Antwerp together with NEGATIVE APPROACH.
Other bands playing: Municipal waste, Let down, Reproach.
Come down, my mother will be there.


donderdag 15 mei 2008

We're down with VICE

16th of May will be kind of a special rehearsel. We're testsubjects for this new thing from VICE Belgium called 'Practice Space'. We will be filmed and interviewd by VICE during our rehearsel. It's not shure this will be broadcasted, since they're still in their testperiodblablabla and the program needs to be approaved by the big VICEboss. Once it's out I will post it here. If you're interested in how it will look like, check this site: http://www.vbs.tv/shows.php?search=practice+space. Fucked up and Brutal Knights also have been featured on this show.

Please do not forget to notice that the 19th of May we will be playing with PISSED JEANS and ADOLF BUTTLER in the almighty Scheld'apen. I think this will be wothwile...

We're still writing for the full length.

"vogue can not be held responsible for causing trends"