dinsdag 22 december 2009


Will bring a new record and new shows.


-21th Feb.: Berchem (Antwerp), Backstage Egelantier with Static Thought and Sunpower: ne zondag kon nie beter gespendeerd worden

-26th Feb.: Sint-Niklaas, 't Kompas. With Statich Thought, Ten 'O Sevens and The Jonah.: tees was ragge ze maat

-11th March: Ghent, Frontline (eikes) with the Holy Shit! Records staff (farewell show): HOHOHOHOHOHO, wat een feest

-19th March: Antwerp, Trix. Something with Vice and Tim Vanhamel.: Vice snappet soms nie goed, maar toch feest dankzij Stella en Absolut.

-2nd May: Opwijk, Nijdrop. Sunpower releaseshow. Fiesje me de Mike en companen.

-21th May: Antwerp, Kavka with: Double Dagger, Cola Freaks, Fossils.

Studio 195: 8th, 9th, 12th and 13th of April. (Pomperdepompshit)


zondag 27 september 2009


We're playing shows again:

Oct 10 Hagen, Germany 'Think Twice Fest' with Citizens Patrol

Oct 16 ACU, Utrecht, Holland with Millions and This Routine Is Hell

Oct 17 Perron 55,Venlo, Holland with Dean Dirg, Cititzens Patrol, Sunpower, Bite Down, Nitad and many more

Nov 15 Trix, Antwerpen with Lords, Reproach and more

Nov 21 't Slot in Wortel

Nov 23 De Rots Antwerpen with Sex Vid and Reproach

Thanks to England, Shitty Limits, Mez, Josh, London for a good 3 days.

vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

England: heads up.

Thurs 17th Sept - GYC, Guildford w/ Paint It Black, Ceremony, Sceptres and The Shitty Limits
Friday 18th Sept - 1 In 12 Club, Bradford
Saturday 19th Sept - The RampART Centre, London

Thank you Ellis

maandag 3 augustus 2009

"Please describe your band for us."

I read this about Vogue: 'Hardcore by kids but for adults.' I think I agree, thank you person for pointing this out for me.

maandag 29 juni 2009


Edgeday will be celebrated with people in Venlo who aren't straight edge.
Other bands playing:
Social Circkle (us)
Geriatric Unit (uk)
Dean Dirg (ger)
Brat Pack
Sunpower (be)
Citizens Patrol
Terroize Kids (ger)
Sick Mormons
Frightening Fiction

'Me andere woorden, twor de moeite."

zaterdag 27 juni 2009

Mid September



Gent Frontline with cloak/dagger


Hagen Germany with hopefully Dean Dirg

maandag 23 maart 2009

A collection

I found this one back, was from the summer, drinking Duvel, makes you go whooooooow!

I went to Paris, people are into 'den balzak' over there.

He will do everything to look good, fagot...

We've been doing different shit, here's a visual way of showing what we've been doing, with 'we' I actually mean: Bounce and me, too bad we can't chill as a foursome that much.
Ow yeah, before I forget to mention this, we're going to Germany, Denmark and Sweden, if you want more info, check the dates below, I posted this already. We're coming over with den Tok and J-nasty.

maandag 9 maart 2009

Aalst Last Saturday

pic.: Kockie
was cool.

maandag 9 februari 2009

Honoré de Balzac

First of all, I want to thank Tok for his genious in this picture, pure genius.
Anyways our managementskills still suck, but I'm gonna try to make a list of shows we'll (probably) play.
  • 7 maart: Negasonic Aalst with Reproach, Sunpower, True Colors
  • 13 maart: Nieuwkerken JH 't Verschil

  • friday 3rd of april: Osnabruck, Germany

  • saterday 4th of april: Copenhagen, Denmark

  • sunday 5th of april: Gothenbrug, Sweden

  • monday 6th of april: Malmo, Sweden

  • tuesday 7th of april: Kiel Germany

  • 30 april: JH Willebroek

  • 16 may: Bleiefeld (Germany) with The Brutal Knights

  • 17 may: Frontline Gent with Brutal knights
  • 22 may: UCA Utrecht with Adolf Butler and Gewapend Beton

Note: this actually is a agenda for the bandmembers, so we know when we have to play shows. The questionmark means that I'm not sure about the show.

Sammy is a travlin' man.

donderdag 15 januari 2009

Digital all the way!

kunde volgende es op uw blog zetten: --> we were obliged to promote our shit


You can now pre-order the VOGUE ‘2006-2008’ discography CD. Why do a CD version of the ‘DICK FACED’ LP, if we can give you more?

This record will include the sold out ‘DICK FACED’ LP, the sold out and much sought after ‘NO VOGUE’ 7”, the sold out ‘NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CAUSING TRENDS’ 7” and the demo. It all comes in a fancy six page digipack, to please the eyes before the ears.

As if that’s not enough, pre-orders get an extra 7” sleeve with their digipack CD containing an extra 7” sleeve sized booklet with extra pictures, interviews, stories, artwork ...


Pre-order packages cost € 12 each.

Postage costs for one package: Belgium = € 2,5; Europe = € 4; World = € 5
Postage costs for two to four packages: Belgium = € 4; Europe = € 7; World = € 9

Payable through banktransfer or Paypal.

When paying with Paypal, depending on the amount you order, a small Paypal charge will be added. Just send your order and info to the address below and we will send you a calculation of the total amount.


Please mention:

- how many pre-order packages you want
- Your name and address
- Preferred method of payment (banktransfer or Paypal)


Boens is off to Asia, Sammy is all over Europe, Joris is masturbating and I'm done with exams.