maandag 9 februari 2009

Honoré de Balzac

First of all, I want to thank Tok for his genious in this picture, pure genius.
Anyways our managementskills still suck, but I'm gonna try to make a list of shows we'll (probably) play.
  • 7 maart: Negasonic Aalst with Reproach, Sunpower, True Colors
  • 13 maart: Nieuwkerken JH 't Verschil

  • friday 3rd of april: Osnabruck, Germany

  • saterday 4th of april: Copenhagen, Denmark

  • sunday 5th of april: Gothenbrug, Sweden

  • monday 6th of april: Malmo, Sweden

  • tuesday 7th of april: Kiel Germany

  • 30 april: JH Willebroek

  • 16 may: Bleiefeld (Germany) with The Brutal Knights

  • 17 may: Frontline Gent with Brutal knights
  • 22 may: UCA Utrecht with Adolf Butler and Gewapend Beton

Note: this actually is a agenda for the bandmembers, so we know when we have to play shows. The questionmark means that I'm not sure about the show.

Sammy is a travlin' man.