zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Beetje tspastje gaan uithangen op een podium:

15 okt.: The Pits Kortrijk
16 okt.: Verjaardag van je oma
29 okt.: Amsterdam
15 nov.: Trix Antwerpen

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Yeah boiiii!

Thank you Chris!
Sept. 3rd: Tessenderloo (Belgium)
Sept. 4th: POMPSHIT RELEASE Osnabrück (Germany) at Hamburgerstrasse with reek freak and curbite
Sept. 5th: Berlin dubbelke (Germany)
-Wienerstrasse 34
Sept. 6th: Dresden (Germany) at: Meschwitzstrasse 16a
Sept. 8th: Heerlen (Holland) at De Plu with Pombagira and Agrotoxico
Sept. 9th: Mainz (Germany) --> cancelled

woensdag 30 juni 2010

We do still excist

First shows confirmed:

Sept. 3rd: Tessenderloo (Belgium) at JH Tesseloo with Your Highness.
Sept 4th: Osnabrück (Germany) at Hamburgerstr. with Overpower, Curbbite and Images.
Sept 5th: Berlin (German) at Cortina Bob with White Wires and Mean Jeans(16:00u)
Sept 5th: Berlin (Germany) at Koma F (Evening)
Sept 6th: Dresden (Germany) at Rehearselspace DMC Dresden
Sept 8th: Heerlen (Holland)
Sept 9th: Mainz (Germany)
Sept. 21st: Antwerp (Belgium) at JH Kavka with Urban Blight.
Okt. 15th: Kortrijk (Belgium) at The Pits with Destino Final

maandag 10 mei 2010

First playlist ever:

Probably first show too, I think.

woensdag 14 april 2010

We work, make noise, drink, play soccer and drink some more.

We recorded a new record, don't know if you could call it a record, it's only 15 minutes, but fok it, it's a record. We'll probably gonna call this deformed child with multiple asses over his entire body 'POMPSHIT', cause that's what we do, we pomp shit. These 4 days were cool, stressing too from time to time. If there's anything you should know about this, you will hear about it here. Shows are listed underneath.
We didn't mention this, but labels interested, contact
Je oma die chocomoes eet in drie vuilniszakken.
Just pomp it.