woensdag 30 juni 2010

We do still excist

First shows confirmed:

Sept. 3rd: Tessenderloo (Belgium) at JH Tesseloo with Your Highness.
Sept 4th: Osnabrück (Germany) at Hamburgerstr. with Overpower, Curbbite and Images.
Sept 5th: Berlin (German) at Cortina Bob with White Wires and Mean Jeans(16:00u)
Sept 5th: Berlin (Germany) at Koma F (Evening)
Sept 6th: Dresden (Germany) at Rehearselspace DMC Dresden
Sept 8th: Heerlen (Holland)
Sept 9th: Mainz (Germany)
Sept. 21st: Antwerp (Belgium) at JH Kavka with Urban Blight.
Okt. 15th: Kortrijk (Belgium) at The Pits with Destino Final

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look here for the dresden show