woensdag 29 juni 2011

UK and Spain July 2011

Almost gone for the UK and Spain, here are the dates (that hopefully don't change anymore):

4/07: London
5/07: Bristol (TBC)
6/07: Leeds
7/07: Exceter
8/07: Belgium
9/07: Barcelona
10/07: Madrid
11/07: Bilbao
12/07: Toulouse (TBC)

We've been kinda slacking, but we'll bring new shirts and the pompshit. Big thanks to Chris Hardware and the guys who're doing shows!

maandag 20 juni 2011

Vogue Shows 4th - 14th of July

For the moment we're still booking shows. Anyone who can help us with some dates in Spain or france are more than welcome, please help us out if possible. This is what we got so far:
4/7 London
5/7 Manchester?
6/7 Leeds
7/7 Exceter
8/7 Belgium?
9/7 Barcelona
10/7 Day off or Madrid?
11/7 Madrid? / France (Toulouse / Bordeaux area)?
12/7 France (Lyon area)?
13/7 France (Paris area)?
--> The questionmark stands for the shows we need booked, looks kinda desperate, but it's one of the only periods we can tour, since Joris has got his Charlie thing going on and Sam has to refresh his grandma's pamper, everybody has got to work too, so either it's now or a lot later (which would suck). Boens aggreed on whiping every showpromoter's ass personly for one evening, in case they book us a show.

zaterdag 9 april 2011

When I'm back in Belgium...

...I want to pompelaria!

Got some new shows:

20th of May: Berchem/Antwerp at 'Egelantier' (basement) with Social Cirkle and Bite Down.
27th of May: 'De Kèmpen' Belgium (need more info)
8th of June: Opwijk at 'Nijdrop' with Zero Boys, Sunpower, Brat Pack and Fiesje.

(Actually, that's all I'm aware of, so please fill me in if I'm forgetting one.)

We've recorded 2 new songs, need some mixing, but they will make your ears agressive as a boulanger with cancer. We're not gonna release them when they're finished, cause that would be a rip off. There's a cool idea, but we're gonna have to go to the studio again to work it out, is gonna be crazy, wowiewooow.

Oh how is it goin'? C'est quoi ça? J'ai besoin du tapisplein!