zaterdag 9 april 2011

When I'm back in Belgium...

...I want to pompelaria!

Got some new shows:

20th of May: Berchem/Antwerp at 'Egelantier' (basement) with Social Cirkle and Bite Down.
27th of May: 'De Kèmpen' Belgium (need more info)
8th of June: Opwijk at 'Nijdrop' with Zero Boys, Sunpower, Brat Pack and Fiesje.

(Actually, that's all I'm aware of, so please fill me in if I'm forgetting one.)

We've recorded 2 new songs, need some mixing, but they will make your ears agressive as a boulanger with cancer. We're not gonna release them when they're finished, cause that would be a rip off. There's a cool idea, but we're gonna have to go to the studio again to work it out, is gonna be crazy, wowiewooow.

Oh how is it goin'? C'est quoi ça? J'ai besoin du tapisplein!

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